Bonds vs Fees

Some bond programs indicate the cost to property owners is minimal, $5 to $10 per month.

Does it make sense to implement a bond program if and when voters can accept to be charged a similar fee just like the City of Austin does in terms of transportation fees?

Why pay the overhead, interests on debt and add “debt” to the public coffer?

See following references posted on August 18, 2016:

What is a the transportation user fee?


Below is from the Austin bicycle coalition website:

Part of every residential City of Austin utility bill is a charge for “Transportation User Fee” (TUF). One of the provisions of this fee is that people who don’t own or drive cars are exempt from the fee. You can easily claim your exemption by calling the City’s utility billing department at 494-9400.
The monthly amount charged for TUF varies slightly depending on whether you live in a house, duplex, or apartment, but is around $3.30/month, or $39.60/year.
Notice that the exemption actually has nothing to do with whether you cycle; you get the exemption if you don’t own and don’t drive a car.
This exemption is not new, it’s just not widely known. The exemption has always been a part of the TUF, which was authorized by the City Council in the mid-90s. If you want to check it out for yourself, the text for the TUF and the exemption are found in 14-10 of the Austin City Code. (The exemption for non-motorists is listed under 14-10-14(D)(1).)
Note: We’ve had reports that City phone reps are denying the TUF exemption to callers who have a driver’s license, even if they don’t own or drive a car. This is wrong; merely possessing a driver’s license shouldn’t disqualify you from getting the exemption. If they try to do this to you, contact the Urban Transportation Commission.

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