Traffic Management – Northfield Neighborhood Urban Development Conversation, Presentation 7 of 8

Northfield Neighborhood Urban Development Conversation

Information provided might be dated and is not to be assume it is applicable during present time, regulations change.

Presentation 7 – COA Transportation Traffic Management,

Dipti Borkar Desai spoke about the current approval process for the proposed Koenig Lane multi family development, a proposed 210 apartment complex to be developed at the southwest corner of Koenig and Avenue F. Important elements presented included:

1. Koenig Lane is a TxDOT road and there is a desire to apply access management strategies for new development along this corridor.
2. The proposed development may have submitted a neighborhood traffic analysis leading to possible mitigation strategies that include addition of turning lanes and closure of existing driveway on Koenig.

1. Traffic generated by proposed development and related impacts might be the unintended consequences of a desired regional vision for urban development.
2. The Northfield dialogue focused on the neighborhood area is an attempt to address existing and future impacts of traffic at macro and micro levels in a proactive approach.
3. There are existing traffic safety conditions (perceived and actual) that might be precursors to qualify of life concerns. Addressing them in their current form might be short term solutions if and when new development occurs within the neighborhood.
4. Existing redevelopment regulations are intended to attract higher density development. Existing conditions are such that new development appears to be generating mostly auto trips; thus there might be a need to look at development infrastructure related to alternative modes of transportation (mass transit, bicycles, walking) or programs like CartoGo.
5. Northfield may consider development of green spaces as an alternative or strategy to reduce traffic impacts due to urban development.
6. There are three types of development observed within the Northfield neighborhood characterized by: apartment complex of 135 units located on 51st Street, the proposed mix use 210 apartment complex on Koenig, and redevelopment of single family lots into “stealth dorms” or addition of garage apartments. In addition it is expected that in the near future a large number of neighborhood properties will be in the market.

1. External traffic impacting Northfield is due to regional traffic growth. Koenig Lane and Lamar Boulevard are high volume, high speed regional roadway corridors. Increasing roadway efficiency in terms of traffic flow might be in conflict with the neighborhood’s quality of life and neighborhood roadway safety.
2. Internal traffic, whether existing or new traffic generated by redevelopment, may have a negative impact on regional corridors.
3. Traffic flow is generally managed based on peak hour traffic characteristics. Peak hour traffic considerations might need to be balanced with off peak hour traffic characteristics in addition to impacts on the neighborhood quality of life.
4. It might be necessary to conduct a neighborhood wide traffic impact analysis based on existing and future land use regulations. Mitigation of expected traffic generation might consider development of a multi modal transportation plan based on quality of life expectations.
5. Existing land use regulations and family income/affordability might also be a critical factor in the prioritization of land use regulations and redevelopment of multi modal transportation system.

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