Capital Metro – Northfield Neighborhood Urban Development Conversation, Presentation 6 of 8

Northfield Neighborhood Urban Development Conversation

Information provided might be dated and is not to be assume it is applicable during present time, regulations change.

Presentation 6 – Capital Metro

Todd Hemingson presented Capital Metro’s development of regional high capacity transit located along Lamar Blvd. and current and future improvements to Metro Rail services located adjacent to Airport Blvd. Northfield is mainly served by transit corridors along Lamar, Koenig, Avenue F/53rd Duval and Airport Blvd.

1. The Lamar corridor is considered to be a dependable transit corridor due to large number of transit routes serving the Lamar/south Guadalupe corridor.
2. Bus route 7 provides service through Northfield and bus route 10 along Airport and Duval. It has been commented by a UT transit user that route 7 is considered reliable while route 10 is less reliable.
3. Capital Metro Rail Red Line has a rail stop at Highland Mall locate about 1.5 miles walking distance from the center of Northfield via Airport Blvd. The Airport Blvd. Koenig Lane intersection is pedestrian unfriendly. Alternative route via Guadalupe/Denson has a pedestrian path of 1.3 miles, a shorter and more pedestrian friendly alternative. The next closest Metro Rail station is at Crestview (Lamar and Airport) which is about 1.6 miles walking distance from Northfield. The closest Metro Rail stop south of Northfield is at MLK, about 3.5 miles from Northfield.
4. Avenue F is a residential street with transit service. It presents: high demand for parallel parking north of North Loop, higher speed traffic, higher traffic volumes, and sidewalks only on the east side.

1. Mass transit routes require basic pedestrian infrastructure in order to access bus facilities. Between Koenig and North Loop bus route 7 has two stops on both directions. Sidewalks are only on the east side.
2. Transit users access services at the intersection of Koenig and Avenue F. With minimum sidewalk widths and flush curb at the intersection, the conditions are unsafe for pedestrians, particularly when vehicles turn at higher speeds.
3. The addition of fencing along Metro Rail has reduced walking access from Northfield to Airport Blvd.
4. Increasing frequency of service, accessibility, and comfort increases transit use. Survey of Northfield transit users might provide insights to these elements.
5. Consideration to add functional rail stops at 53rd and Hancock Center for service during off-peak hours.
6. Consideration to add sidewalks along the west side of Avenue F and improve pedestrian connectivity between Avenue F, Koenig and Airport Blvd.

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