Bicycle Master Plan – Northfield Neighborhood Urban Development Conversation, Presentation 5 of 8

Northfield Neighborhood Urban Development Conversation

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COA Bicycle Plan

Presentation 5 – COA Bicycle Program

Aleksiina Chapman introduced the City’s Bicycle Master Plan, existing and proposed bicycle infrastructure, reference presentation (PDF).

1. City’s Bicycle Master Plan provides two options; reactive planning coordinated with street resurfacing and proactive planing intended to remove barriers and develop an all ages and abilities network.
2. Master Plan identifies bicycle facilities along east-west corridors (Koenig, North Loop/53rd, and 51st) and north-south corridors (Lamar, Guadalupe and Airport). Additional segmented corridors include Chesterfield, Leralynn and Duval.
3. Proposed facilities include extension of bike lanes on Duval, protected bike lanes on North Loop/53rd (connection to 53rd ½/Airport), and bicycle boulevard on Middle Fiskville-Clarkson (Airport to south of 51st Street).

1. Lamar Blvd., Koenig Lane, and Airport Blvd. are high volume high speed roads not very safe for bicycling.
2. North Loop/53rd and 51st Streets are local arterial streets that may offer opportunities to enhance the use of bicycles. Proposed bike lane separation should consider commercial traffic and parking.
3. Chesterfield offers opportunities for bike/ped friendly street.
4. Leralynn, Guadalupe, 51st and Duval have been identified as traffic intensive streets either due to parking, high speeds, cut through, or sight distance constrictions.

1. Guadalupe from 45th Street to Morrow Street offers a parallel corridor to Lamar connecting to Lamar at both ends. Consider the use of Guadalupe as a better option for safer cycling than Lamar and provide bicycle and pedestrian improvements along the Guadalupe corridor.
2. Koenig Lane is unsafe to ride bicycles due to high vehicular speeds and traffic volumes. For bicycling purposes, Koenig Lane is a T-intersection at Airport Blvd. Alternative route may consider Old Koenig, cut through Texas DOP facility (Skyview Road alignment), Guadalupe, Denson to Airport).
3. Middle Fiskville Road and Bennett Ave. alignment is challenged due to: complex intersection at 53rd/Brunning/rail tracks, intersection of Bennett and 45th Street is unsignalized, and Bennett ends at the back of HEB store at Hancock center. Reconsider alignment to follow the 53rd Street, Clarkson Ave. and Red River Street; it avoids crossing rail tracks, complicated intersection at 53rd/Middle-Fiskville, and benefits from existing traffic signal at 45th Street as well as existing bicycle infrastructure on Red River Street.

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