Watershed Protection – Northfield Neighborhood Urban Development Conversation, Presentation 3 of 8

Northfield Neighborhood Urban Development Conversation

Information provided might be dated and is not to be assume it is applicable during present time, regulations change.

Presentation 3 – COA Watershed Protection

Jorge Morales spoke about area wide evaluations of storm water runoff and related impacts and needs. Watershed is conducting area wide modeling on system capacity and reevaluating land use in terms of storm water runoff.

1. Opportunity to incorporate along Waller Creek and adjacent right of way a pedestrian trail that connects the UT intramural fields, Austin State Hospital Cemetery, Northfield, Chesterfield Ave., Reilly Elementary School, and Metro Rail train station.
2. Waller Creek goes under Koenig, North Loop and 51st streets. Exploring these as potential trail underpasses might provide a safer path to crossing busy roads like Koenig.
3. Some properties adjacent to Waller Creek belong to public agencies, such as the Texas DPS, may allow the option of partnering with them in the development of pedestrian trails.
4. Additional partners includes UT, Reilley Elementary School and Capital Metro.
5. In terms of preserving the natural qualities of Waller Creek, a Waller Creek trail could offer the opportunity to create a nature learning environment.

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