Sidewalk Master Plan – Northfield Neighborhood Urban Development Conversation, Presentation 2 of 8

Northfield Neighborhood Urban Development Conversation

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COA Sidewalks Plan

Presentation 2 – COA Public Works Neighborhood Connectivity Division

  1. John Eastman presented the city’s sidewalk program, reference presentation (PDF).
  2. COA has a sidewalk master plan that supports Imagine Austin (compact and connected Austin, green infrastructure, and healthy Austin).
  3. Sidewalk Master Plan is prioritized, inventoried using GIS, and addresses ADA compliance.
  4. City wide the needs for sidewalks are greater than available funding, thus it is necessary to prioritize investments.
  5. Presentation provided missing sidewalks in Northfield. Most residential streets do not have sidewalks.
  6. Presentation provided partnerships and opportunities.
  7. Presentation provided inclusion of urban trails.


  1. Pedestrian corridors that cross Northfield consist of four courridors; Guadalupe and Avenue F (north-south) and North Loop and 51st (east-west). These corridors coincide with through streets and are provided with sidewalks.
  2. Metro rail tracks bisects the northeast section of Northfield. Current land use located east of the rail tracks may not be compatible with neighborhood characteristics.
  3. Austin State Hospital Cemetery creates a void for pedestrian connectivity.
  4. Located in the southeast section of Northfield, Burlington Ave. bisects the roadway grid creating challenging intersections. Rail tracks add complexity to this area. This area includes a large number of high priority sidewalks.
  5. Guadalupe north of Koenig has missing sidewalks with very high priority.


  1. While North Loop Blvd. is shown as having sidewalks, the business area west of Avenue F have perpendicular parking with undefined pedestrian zones. The character of North Loop/53rd changes; there is a perceived boundary at Lamar, a barrier at the crossing of Burlington Ave. and Metro Rail (opportunity for a future destination), and 53rd ends at I-35
  2. 51st Street ends at Lamar and continues east over I-35 connecting to Mueller and Windsor Park.
  3. Guadalupe is a unique opportunity connecting a north-south corridor. Street character changes and has some barriers and presents safety concerns.
  4. Avenue F ends north of Koenig. It is the only street that provides bus service (bus route 7) within Northfield. Sidewalks on Avenue F exist on the east side from Koenig to 53rd Street.
  5. An opportunity that might not be under consideration is the use of Waller Creek as a pedestrian friendly environment connecting: UT intramural fields, Austin State Hospital Cemetery, Northfield, Chesterfield Ave., Reilly Elementary School, and the Metro Rail train station at Highland.
  6. Sidewalk master plan shows the need for sidewalks in all neighborhood streets, neighborhood prioritization could be refocused based on: transit corridors, through corridors, and high traffic volume/speeds corridors. If right of way is available, a Waller Creek trail could be included in the pedestrian masterplan.
  7. Sidewalk master plans should include estimated year for construction of prioritized improvements.
  8. There are existing travel paths indicating a latent need for access. One is along the south side of Koenig east of Avenue F. Users of regional bus cross FM 2222 in front of the bus station located west of Airport and north of Koenig.


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