Northloop Master Plan – Northfield Neighborhood Urban Development Conversation, Presentation 1 of 8

Northfield Neighborhood Urban Development Conversation

Information provided might be dated and is not to be assume it is applicable during present time, regulations change.

Presentation 1 – Northfield Neighborhood Association

Sebastian Wren presented an overview of the North Loop Neighborhood Plan, see City of Austin link for references


  1. North Loop Plan includes two geographically distinct neighborhoods, Northfield and Ridgetop.
  2. Cursory review of the North Loop Plan, in particular Future Land Use, appears that proposed land uses might not have taken into consideration traffic generated by residential properties (stealth dorms, reference:, existing and proposed commercial traffic and parking, and excludes cheap jerseys from the neighborhood plan properties on the south side of 51st Street. Redevelopment of mixed use properties located on the northwest and northeast of Northfield may not Baseball jerseys wholesale address traffic impacts on residential areas. UT redevelopment of tennis center may have an impact on the character and quality of life of Northfield.
  3. Review of North Loop Neighborhood Plan goals and action items, reference:


  1. Northfield land use determination could focus more on preserving uality of life and green spaces vs. redevelopment of commercial corridors. This is in contrast to potential consequences of traffic generation and increase of property values due to redevelopment.
  2. North Loop Neighborhood Plan might need to be revised for compatibility with Northfield characteristics, current redevelopment impacts, and coordinated with adjacent neighborhoods.

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