Koenig Lane Multifamily Case No. SP-2013-0253C – Northfield Neighborhood Urban Development Conversation

Northfield Neighborhood Urban Development Conversation

Information provided might be dated and is not to be assume it is applicable during present time, regulations change.

Koenig Lane Multifamily Case No. SP-2013-0253C
Planning and Development Review Staff Report


Reference to six page letter to “interested party” dated January 16th, 2014. Cursory review of letter identifies following highlights:

1. Drainage study is part of the development review process. Storm water quality pond and detention appears to be a requirement. Water quality pond is underground tank.
2. Environmental review includes fees for landscape ($3,000 per acre of LOC clean up) and tree mitigation ($11,300).
3. PARD dedication fee of $650 per dwelling unit is required ($650×210=$136,500). Comment made that parking data is for 201 units.
4. Parklands review requires appraised values of trees of $7,300.
5. Site plan review indicates 75% of building frontage is along Koenig Lane. Commercial space must have depth of no less than 24 feet and height of no less than 12 feet. Parking fees of $650 per dwelling unit ($136,500 total?). Side note: demolition of existing structures has been conducted, document requires for site plan to be approved before demolition is done; thus, site plan has been approved by the City?
6. Transportation review requires a Neighborhood Traffic Analysis and 24-hour traffic counts for Avenue F. Dedicate 35 feet of right of way from existing center line of Avenue F. Curb ramps at intersections of Avenue F and 56th and Avenue F and Koenig. Side note: since site is not expected to generate more than 2000 trips per day it is not required to conduct a traffic impact analysis.
7. Water quality review indicates a proposed development fee, annual adjustment factor for fee estimation, and fee in lieu of providing on-site water quality control.

Reference: https://www.austintexas.gov/devreview/b_showpublicpermitfolderdetails.jsp?FolderRSN=10977336


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