Campaign Priorities

Property tax relief:

  • Put back on the table the 20% discount on property tax relief for homeowners.
  • District 4 median family income of $39,200 cannot afford more taxes, fees and city debt.
  • City of Austin new budget increased taxes by $87 per year for the average homeowner.
  • District 4 residents are paying more in taxes and receiving fewer services.

Alternative to mobility bond:

  • The $720 million bond program lacks transparency.
  • The bond projects will cost $1.5 billion.
  • District 4 might not get all what is promised.
  • Construction will hurt businesses and increase property values.
  • Bond will increase cost of living and make District 4 less affordable.
  • District 4 needs a better mobility plan.

Community safety:

  • Bridge the gaps between age groups, ethnic groups, socioeconomic groups, and other barriers.
  • Use community centers and public spaces to celebrate multiculturalism.
  • Re introduce neighborhood storefronts for APD.
  • Engage the private sector to help fund public spaces and safety.
  • Better managed city government: transparent, honest, and proactive.

Why am I running for District 4?

  • Cost of property taxes is forcing us to move out of our homes.
  • The City of Austin government is out of control.
  • City government needs to be more transparent, more honest, and proactive.
  • The proposed bond program will make Austin less affordable.

Let’s re-establish the dialogue within our communities by:

  • Bridging community divisions through dialogue, communication and understanding.
  • Greeting and meeting each other.
  • Celebrating the cultural diversity of District 4.
  • Re-introducing neighborhood storefronts for APD.

About me:


  • Bolivia, South America


University of Texas at Arlington

  • BA General Studies
  • BS Civil Engineer
  • MS Civil Engineer – Traffic/Transportation

Resident of Texas:

  • Over 30 years

Texas cities lived prior to Austin:

  • Denton
  • Arlington
  • Dallas
  • Houston

Small business owner:

  • Over 15 years of traffic/transportation engineering consulting.
  • Home based business with clients around Texas.
  • Practice 20 years in Houston and 6 years in Austin.

Some Austin activities:

  • Active member of Northfield Neighborhood Association
  • Active participant of ProductCamp Austin
  • Keep up with Bicycle Advisory Council and Pedestrian Advisory Council
  • Past precinct chair for TCRP
  • Organized VeloTexas (bicycle safety conference)
  • Developed VeloHound App (bicycle and pedestrian safety application for smart phones)

Some past Austin activities:

  • Austin Chamber of Commerce

Personal likes/activities:

  • Arts (photographer)
  • Sports (bicycling, soccer)
  • Traveling (around the world)
  • Music (most types)
  • History (US and local)